Housekeeping tricks: The 4 challenges for cleaning in the bathroom

Shower, shower cabin, curtains and tiles – you can polish them much easier than you guess

Image of bathtubToday, we will have a room that is particularly difficult to maintain – the bathroom. We all know what unpleasant dirt is formed because of the moisture and the soap residue. Surely you have built strategy to clean the bathtub, sink and toilet. In the “bathing room”, however, there are 4 more particularly problematic areas. Here’s how to deal with them unexpectedly easy:


Pour a generous amount of white vinegar into a plastic bag – enough to cover the headset of the shower. You just have to put the bag in the designated place, then you can lie down calmly. In the morning just rinse with water and enjoy the clean shower!

Shower cabin

Prepare cleansing paste by mixing a few drops of white vinegar with one glass of bicarbonate soda. Apply the paste on the shower cabin door – the consistency is thick enough to stay in place. Wait for an hour and wipe with a microfibre cloth.

Bath curtains

Wash them in the washing machine with the usual amount of detergent, plus a few old towels. Image of showerThey will help to rub the soap and mold. Then simply return the curtains to their place to dry.

Tiles, walls, ceiling

Spray the tiles on the floor and walls (possibly the ceiling) with a universal cleaner. Run the hot water in the shower for about 5 minutes until heavy steam is formed. Then stop the water, exit the bathroom and close the door behind you. Wait for 20 minutes to mix the steam and the preparation well. Wipe all surfaces and you're done! Leave the wiping on the floor for the last time. Click To Tweet

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